What our customers say

"Sanctuary365 has saved my life"

I think that Sanctuary365 is worth every penny. It has given me great reassurance, particularly as I am very wobbly on my feet.

Sanctuary365 called me at 11.30pm to say the smoke alarm was going off. I was advised to go and sit by the front door to avoid any fumes and in no time the ambulance arrived to see if I had inhaled any smoke.

They took my blood pressure but I was fine. I test my Sanctuary365 equipment once a month - I feel much more secure with Sanctuary365 knowing that there is someone to reassure and talk to me.

To hear more about how we have supported our customers, read our case studies.

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Apply here to get started

Press to test. A monthly pendant test could save your life.

Press to test logo. A monthly pendant test could save your life.