For businesses

We work in partnership with businesses to create unique telecare solutions that support effective business management and the delivery of exceptional customer service.

With over 30 years of experience working in the social housing sector, we have developed a range of high quality services that enable our partners to meet their business needs using one multi-service solution from one provider.

Comprehensive and cost-effective telecare that provides reassurance to your customers

As a leading provider of housing and care, we understand the challenges that businesses can face delivering support to vulnerable individuals, whether they live in their own home or supported accommodation. We specialise in creating tailored telecare solutions using leading market products to deliver in-home and outside support that is suited to the customer and their accommodation type.

We will manage your customers’ telecare from referral through to re-evaluation. Our dedicated team of trained assistive technology assessors can act as a single point of contact to manage your customer referrals, resulting in a comprehensive and efficient service that will enhance your organisation’s reputation.

To ensure that your business understands the impact of telecare services, we can monitor your customers’ satisfaction by carrying out surveys and providing comprehensive reports in line with your business requirement.

End to-end management of your business’s assistive technology assets

Alongside our telecare assessment and monitoring services, we can manage your assistive technology assets on behalf of your business.

Our asset management enables us to deliver a simple and hassle-free solution for our partners:

  • Our dedicated stock management personnel can procure, store and distribute the technology in line with your organisation’s technology solution.
  • We can advise when additional stock orders are required, and manage the purchase for you.
  • We can test of all your technology remotely, and plan and manage required technology maintenance on behalf of your business.

We research and test new technologies on the market so that we can continue to develop our partners’ solutions, and ensure that they are benefiting from the most innovative technologies available.

Our systems can support your business to safeguard your employees in their workplace.

We can support your business to provide an appropriate duty of care towards its staff members at work, from those employees working with high risk machinery, or those who are out on the road visiting customers in their homes.

We can develop an appropriate solution for your business that aligns with your staff structure and working patterns, and guarantees an efficient and reliable emergency response for your frontline staff and management teams.

Our lone working systems are a cost-effective solution to manage your organisation’s reputation, and provide your staff with the confidence and security to successfully meet their objectives.

Effective and sustainable solutions to using assistive technology in your business

With over 30 years of working with industry-leading assistive technology providers to deliver high quality telecare services, Sanctuary365 has developed innovative solutions to support our customers and partners.

Whether your business is new to assistive technology, or wants to expand and optimise the way in which it is currently used, we can develop a strategic approach to using assistive technology in your business. By understanding your organisation’s priorities and challenges, we can implement a solution that acts as a cost-effective measure to push efficiency within your business and enhance the service that you deliver to your customers.

We will work with you, as our partner, to implement, manage and review your organisation’s unique solution to ensure that you are seeing the benefits that you expect.

To discuss creating an assistive technology solution that meets your business needs, please contact the team by emailing