Our services

Many people can be put off by technology, but if you are happy to use a telephone, or record your favourite programme on TV, you are already using technology in your own home.

Our simple process

From enquiry through to using the technology in your home, we have a simple and hassle-free journey which can be seen by using the drop-downs below:

Sanctuary365 Customer Journey Map

  • Friendly experienced advisors who will listen to your story and support you to make choices so you can benefit from our services.
  • We offer signposting to specialist support services.
  • We can help you to remain safe.
  • Free of charge demonstrations to help support you to remain safe and independent within your own home or in the community.
  • Invite your family, carer or heath professional.
  • Have a go yourself and if you choose we can set you up straight away.
  • Talk to us about what you want in the comfort of your own home – no pressure to commit on the day and no upfront cost.
  • Agree outcomes you want to achieve and if you want to, involve your family, carer, friends or your health professional.
  • We want you to feel safe, we will arrive in a Sanctuary365 uniform and carry photo ID.
  • Our equipment is trusted by industry suppliers and will self test for low batteries and faults.
  • Tell us what you think by completing our short survey following our visit.
  • Our professional friendly call handlers are on hand 24/7 365 days of the year and we answer 98.5% of Alarm Calls within 60 seconds.
  • If you need help we will treat you with dignity and respect.
  • In an emergency, we will quickly arrange the help you need and stay on the line until help arrives.
  • We want you to feel safe and enjoy using our service, so after six weeks and after six months of joining our service we will contact you by telephone to check all is well.
  • After twelve months we will arrange to see you again at home, we just want to check the equipment and see how you are.

You can also download a PDF of our Customer Journey Map (PDF 719KB).

Reassurance and support until help arrives

Our team of experienced installers will visit your home to install your technology.

Once you’re set up, you can contact Sanctuary365 by simply pressing the button on your personal alarm. Remember, no matter how big or small your concern; if you need help or reassurance we are here for you.

Our personal alarms can even work in your garden, so wherever you are, you’ll receive calm, reassuring support via the alarm unit from a member of our friendly team until help arrives.

You will never be left alone; we will make sure that you receive the help you need as soon as possible and will stay on the line with you as long as you need us.

Have a look at our telecare packages to help you decide what assistive technology could support you.

To know that all I have to do for help if needed, is press a button is a godsend.

Private client

We plan so you don’t have to worry

We will visit you every year to make sure that your technology is working, and is still appropriate for your lifestyle. We will also ensure that all of your information is up to date so that we can support you as best as possible.

When you have a significant birthday, we will call you to wish you well and ensure that our service is delivering support that meets your needs and preferences.

Contact our team who can arrange this for you.