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We offer a range of assistive technologies to support people with a variety of needs. We are always developing our portfolio of technologies to ensure that we can provide our customers with the most effective support solutions available.

The diagram below shows the type of sensors that we can provide and where they may be installed in your home to give you the reassurance you need to feel secure.

Sanctuary 365 provides sensors for around the home. The sensors available for the bedroom are: emergency pull cord, epilepsy sensor, enuresis sensor, bed occupancy sensor and pillow alert. The sensors available for the kitchen are: pendants, natural gas detector and temperature extremes sensor. The sensors available for the door and hallway are property exit sensor, fall detector, movement detector and bogus caller button. The sensors available for the lounge are: sounder button, carbon monoxide detector and chair occupancy sensor. The sensors available for the bathroom are movement detector (PIR) and flood detector. The sensor available for the stairs is a smoke detector.

All of our in-home technologies operate through a central home unit that connects simply to your phone line. The unit can sit discreetly in your hallway or living room, and allows a member of our monitoring team to talk to you when you need them.

To help you to decide what technology could meet your needs, the Guide to Our Services provides information on all of our products including our in-home technology, wellbeing calls, support outside of the home, and solutions for lone workers and carers.


You may wish to choose one of the following support packages:

Our experienced team can support you if you would like to adapt a package to suit your needs, creating a tailored package for you.

Wellbeing calls

Our wellbeing calls can give additional daily reassurance and reduce isolation. A member of our team will call you at a convenient time to have a chat and check on your wellbeing.

“The staff even rang me to wish me a happy birthday. That really touched me; it was so kind and unexpected. They will always be there if I need them.”

Outside the home

Alongside our in-home technology, we can support customers when they are outside the home too.

From those who are risk of falling or becoming lost when they are out and about, to lone workers and carers, our team can create a tailored solution for you.

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Wearing my pendant gives me the confidence to be more active, even though I am living alone.