Case study: Ms Rochfort

“Sanctuary365 has made such a difference to my feeling of security”

Ms Rochfort benefits from a dispersed unit, a personal pendant, a key safe and a bogus caller button.

What prompted you to consider telecare?

I felt ill at home when my son was out of the country and I had to call the ambulance myself. However old you are you can still be vulnerable – it was a very scary feeling. I know that I could fall or become unwell at any time so I want to make sure that I feel supported, and that my son can go abroad knowing that I will receive help should I need it.

What did we provide for you?

The installation was an absolute pleasure, and everything was explained very clearly. I didn’t want the key safe installed at the front of the house, so the Installer placed it in a discreet location so it isn’t on show to the public.

I wear my pendant all the time when I’m in the house. It gives me peace of mind that I can easily contact the team if something happens to me.

How have we supported you?

After a while, I decided to add the bogus caller button to my service. I felt nervous when a man who I didn’t know knocked on my door late at night.

I called up the team and they arranged for the bogus caller button to be installed that day. It gives me confidence to open the front door, knowing that I can call the Sanctuary365 team if I feel uncomfortable.

The service gives me peace of mind to live independently in my home, and means that my son no longer worries about me when he travels abroad.

Would you recommend the service?

Definitely! It’s a great service with a wonderful and caring team. I feel less vulnerable and more secure, giving me independence to live in my own home.