Case study: Mr Schleising

“Sanctuary365 helped me to prevent a fire in my home”

Mr Schleising benefits from a dispersed unit, a personal pendant, a bogus call button, a smoke detector, a temperature extreme sensor, and a key safe.

What prompted you to consider telecare?

I was referred to Sanctuary365 by a carer from the Council after I suffered a stroke in my front garden. As I live alone there was nobody to call for help. Having telecare would mean that I receive the help that I need in an emergency.

What did we provide for you?

The Sanctuary365 staff have all been lovely whenever I’ve called. The installation process was very smooth and the technology was well explained.

Sanctuary365 gave me a personal pendant that works in the garden as well as the house. The service gives me peace of mind that I can be out in the garden and still receive support should I have another stroke. When I needed a new pendant, there was absolutely no delay in one of the team bringing it out to my home.

I am very security conscious, so having the bogus caller button and key safe as well makes me feel safe and secure.

How have we supported you?

Without Sanctuary365 there could have been serious damage to my home.

I woke up at 2 o’clock in the morning and put some sausages on to fry. I left the frying pan on the heat by accident when I went back to sleep. The smoke detector that Sanctuary365 had installed in my kitchen alerted the team of the excess smoke

The team called the fire service immediately as they couldn’t get in touch with me. By the time I woke up again, the fire engine was already outside.

Would you recommend the service?

Yes – the service is better than I could have expected and I have already recommended it to friends. I always tell people about the support Sanctuary365 gave me to prevent a fire.

The service provides peace of mind to both me and my daughter – we have both found the whole offering excellent.